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Within the recycling and waste management industries, the mobile disc screen has become a vital piece of equipment, able to improve the efficiency of material separation. Duromech® has expertise in the manufacturing of high-quality Mobile Disc Screen Separator outfits to address various applications for our client and committed to increasing there facility performance.

Mobile disc screen: It is a highly efficient and flexible machine to separate materials according to their size and form in the field of waste management This technology is vital to the sorting of wood chips, municipal solid waste and most recyclables and provides sustainable benefits and overall efficiency improvement.

Mobile Disc Screen Solutions | Duromech®

Advantages of Disc Screen

  • Increased Throughput and Quality: Improves the separation process for higher throughput and quality of recycled materials.
  • Robust Design: Made using high-quality material that can endure tough operational settings.
  • Customised Design: custom-built to suit unique customer requirements, with a high-performance solution for almost every waste stream.
  • Easy Maintenance: To minimise downtime and operational costs.

It can be used on a whole host of material types, including wood chips, municipal waste, and recyclables.

Types of Disc Screen

  • Industrial Disc Screen: As the name suggests, these screens have been specifically designed for industrial settings in order to process high-flow volumes of waste.
  • Mobile Disc Screen: Providing the best in portability, mobile disc screens are easily moved from one location to another for fast efficiency.
  • Wood Chip Disc Screen: Specifically designed for the wood processing industry, these screens efficiently separate wood chips from other materials.

Disc Screen vs Trommel Screen

Mobile disc screens have many advantages over trommel screen:

  • More effective: The separation process with disc screens is more effective.
  • Less maintenance: Maintenance is easy, and it’s less likely to jam. Space Saving: Compact Design—Perfect when space is at a premium.

Disc Screen Design and Operation

This mobile disc screen design utilises the latest proven technology and engineering principles to give you the most performance possible. Disc screens are so easy to operate; a group of rotating discs will, in typical size and layout, force the material to separate, except in this type, where the method is different. This process allows the system to precisely and quickly identify the items moving on the conveyor line, which is a critical requirement for waste disposal, refuse, and recycling plants.

Maintenance and Parts

Keeping the operations of a mobile disc screen running reliably and efficiently season after season involves quite a bit of maintenance. That’s why taking the extra step to keep your disc screen parts in top shape with maintenance and replacement only makes sense, because otherwise these replacement screen wear components will wear out and have a dramatic impact upon the efficiency of your system.

Mobile Disc Screen for Sale

We at Duromech® stock a verity of mobile disc screen for sale to meet the needs of our customers. We can supply the proper equipment for your application that is either a standard model or a custom solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Things you would like to know

Ballistic Separator

A Mobile disc screen is a device used in waste management to separate materials based on size and shape, enhancing the recycling process.

The primary function of a Mobile disc screen is to separate waste into different fractions for efficient recycling and processing.

Mobile disc screens are used in waste management facilities to sort materials such as wood chips, plastics, metals, and paper, promoting recycling and reducing landfill use.

The mobile disc screen working principle involves materials being fed onto rotating discs that move at different speeds and angles, causing separation based on size and shape. This process ensures accurate and efficient sorting.