Ballistic Separator

Duromech ballistic separators are specifically crafted for sorting waste materials. This high-capacity segregating apparatus, known as a ballistic separator, effectively separates various types of waste. It comprises parallel agitating paddles and a swiftly oscillating deck that efficiently sorts a flow of waste material channeled through it.

Waste items with similar dimensions and shapes are divided from the rest into two or three segments. For example, stones, construction & demolition waste (CaD waste), glass, and metal elements are readily isolated from reusable paper, plastic, cardboard, and other recyclable items, including refuse-derived fuel (RDF). The remaining material is then further sorted.

Ballistic Separator

Advantages of Ballistic Separator

Optimal Recycling: Separates waste in three clear fractions.
Installation features: tailor-made settings for a client agnostic of the latest changes to food wastes; adaptable for numerous wastes.

Durable Construction: Reliable components are also extremely limited in terms of years of use and performance.
Easy maintenance design — low downtime and operation costs.

Environmental benefits: Contributing to greater rates of recycling and the reduction of materials that end up in landfill sites, further promoting sustainable waste management.

Why choose our product?

New Design: Uses updated technology, which will help you have awesome performance.

Custom Solutions: We take the time to work with you and your stakeholders to build things that make sense for your business.

Quality Testing: Premium components for reliability and performance.

Centers Around Sustainability: Supports sustainable waste management and recycling operations.

Working Principle

The separator is an orbiting type that uses a combination of parallel paddles with orbital motion in configurations ranging from 8° to 18°. Incoming waste is shaken by paddles that cause materials to separate based on their physical properties. 2D materials come to the top of the color wheel, and 3D materials roll down at the bottom. Little fractions are pressed through perforated beater bars.

Key Components

6 in number, providing a large screening surface.

15 kW power rating, ensuring efficient operation.

For feeding and discharging materials.

For adjusting the machine settings and monitoring operations.

Ensuring smooth and reliable movement of the paddles and conveyors.

Safety Guidelines

Only trained personnel should operate the machine.

Check the mechanical condition of the machine, ensure safety devices are in position, and make the screening space free from any quantity of material.

Watch the work, keep it in the material, and you shall not board the machine while it is running.

Shut down the system following the correct shutdown procedures, key out the control panel, and mark it with maintenance tags that say you have secured the system.

Maintenance Procedures

Remove debris, check and adjust paddles, and ensure all nuts and bolts are tight.

Perform greasing and oiling of bearings.

Grease and oil all bearings thoroughly.

Perform all the above services.

Replace the gearbox oil.

Perform comprehensive maintenance including gearbox oil replacement.

Ballistic Separator

Check out the PDF for ballistic separators for more in-depth information on this. This research can also give an idea of their utilization and importance for the process of waste management treatments.

Main Points For Ballistic Separators

The ballistic separator machine is designed with a heavy-duty construction using the most advanced technology to give the best possible and highest-quality results to the user. The system is built to handle large quantities of residual waste, increasing recycling plant efficiency.

These ballistic separators for recycling are used in all of our modern-day recycling facilities. These wastes are mechanically sorted by plastic, paper and cardboard, so the waste will undergo a clean separation, greatly improving the quality of the recycled output.

Urban Waste Sorting Machine: The Municipal Solid Waste Separator is mainly designed to fully automate the process of urban waste. It classifies waste and divides it into different categories so that the worst will be easier to recycle and control in municipal waste.

Ballistic Separation Technology sorts materials based on their physical properties, such as weight and shape. This technology is important in the extraction of  mixed waste streams into homogenous fractions.

A ballistic separator is able to separate the material into 2D and 3D material streams Flat (2D) goods, such as paper, and bulky (3D) goods, such as plastic bottles, are precisely separated, efficiently conveying them to the downstream material streams.

This machine is built specifically to separate these two basic recyclables: plastic and paper. This has made it an indispensable component of recycling plants since its sorting capacity is efficient.

Top manufacturers of ballistic separators, like Duromech®, provide quality machines that are efficient and long-lasting. With a focus on innovation and customer service, each of these makers offers some kind of custom-designed solution to help you recycle.

Design-focused industrial ballistic separators: strconv An industrial ballistic separator is specifically designed for industrial use and is industrial-rated for heavy-duty operations. The laundrette variant is tough enough to survive the least hospitable of conditions and a continual operation, guaranteeing a maximum life cycle.

The design of the ballistic separator carries advanced engineering to make the separation more efficient. The other key components are adjustable paddles, motors powerful enough to break up any type of garbage, and a strong structure so as not to break apart the system.

Ballistic separator applications must be varied, and they can be at recycling centers or in waste management. On the other end, they are hugely used to classify household waste, composter scrap, and industrial scrap, making them an ideal tool in the waste management area.

Some of the features of a ballistic separator include configurable paddles, powerful conveyors, energy-efficient motors, and a simple, user-friendly control panel. All these functions aim to keep the machine running as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Proper maintenance is the key to the performance and reliability of any equipment, and the ballistic separator is no exception. Other maintenance involves inspection and tightening of the bolts, lubricating the bearings and keeping the rest of the machine free of debris.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Things you would like to know

Ballistic Separator

A ballistic separator is a machine designed to sort and separate materials based on their physical characteristics, such as weight and shape. It is widely used in recycling and waste management.

The primary function of the ballistic separator is to efficiently separate 2D materials (like paper) from 3D materials (like plastic bottles) and other waste components.

The cost of a ballistic separator varies depending on the model, capacity, and features. It is advisable to contact reputable manufacturers for detailed pricing information.

For more information on ballistic separators, contact Duromech®.