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Shree R.L. Thapar (M/S Thapar Engineering Works) has been history in itself for almost 43 years. Our service has always been passionate about innovation and dedicated to quality. Thapar Engineering Works is an organisation that is here to provide the best quality of tools and machinery with our greatest good faith towards creating customer and associate happiness. These include crushers, screens, washing and classifying systems, C&D waste recycling, MSW recycling, and customised size reduction equipment. 

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Duromech® Top Products

Mobile ballistic separator machine

Mobile Ballistic Separator

A mobile ballistic separator is a waste management device that divides different types of waste materials according to their size, shape, and weight.

Efficient Mobile Trommel Screen (Duromech)

Mobile Trommel Screen

The Duromech® Innovate Mobile Trommel Screen series has been specifically designed to cater to the requirement of mid-large-scale operation space, which is a major issue.

Mobile Disc Screen

Mobile Disc Screen

Within the recycling and waste management industries, the mobile disc screen has become a vital piece of equipment, able to improve the efficiency of material separation.

Our Services

At Duromech, we go beyond just providing equipment; we ensure that our clients receive the most suitable solutions even before the purchase. Our process experts use the latest non-partisan simulation software to create accurate process diagrams, helping you understand and optimize your operations before ordering the machinery. Our in-house expertise allows us to detect and prevent crusher overloads and enhance screen efficiency. Our design and engineering team develops layouts tailored to your specific land area, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. Read More

At Duromech, we pride ourselves on being more than just equipment manufacturers. Our comprehensive field services ensure that our clients receive full support from installation to the end of the product lifecycle. Our fully trained service crew is always ready to travel to your site to ensure your crushing plant operates at its best. Read More

At Duromech, we offer comprehensive Operation & Maintenance (O&M) contracts to customers who prefer to outsource the running of their plants. Our O&M services are designed to let you focus on marketing your produce while we take care of the logistics, planning, and maintenance of your crushing plant. Read More

In an ever-evolving industry, clients often need to update their operations to comply with environmental regulations, replace outdated equipment, or expand their facilities. At Duromech, we specialize in working with customers to make necessary changes to their operations seamlessly and efficiently. Read More


How Do We Recycle?

Bio-mining is an innovative approach to waste management that leverages biological processes to extract valuable metals from waste materials. This method is increasingly gaining attention for its environmental and economic benefits. At Duromech®, we are committed to integrating advanced technologies like biomining to enhance our waste management solutions. Read More

Effective waste management is crucial for environmental sustainability and public health. At Duromech®, we offer advanced solutions for both fresh waste management and the biomining of legacy waste, leveraging our extensive expertise and innovative technologies. Read More

A material recovery facility (MRF) is pivotal in modern waste management, designed to efficiently sort and process recyclable materials. At Duromech®, we offer comprehensive material recovery facility design services, ensuring optimal performance and sustainability. Read more

Municipal solid waste (MSW) management is critical for maintaining urban sanitation and environmental sustainability. At Duromech®, we offer comprehensive solutions for MSW recycling, leveraging advanced technologies to optimize waste processing and resource recovery. Read More

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Our waste management processes are now a thing of the past, thanks to Duromech. Their ballistic separators are of the highest quality, and they show in all their equipment an extraordinary commitment to innovation. Thank you, Duromech

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh kumar

Duromech has changed the face of our plastic recycling facility. Their technological expertise and high-capacity machines, like the 1000 TPD Patented Rotor Screen, have contributed immensely toward increasing our production. 

Priya Sharma

Priya Sharma

Duromech’s equipment quality and performance are exceptional. Their ballistic separator has helped us achieve high separation efficiency, making our waste processing more effective. 

Anil Verma

Anil Verma

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