• Bio-Mining

    In Duromech's Bio-Mining procedure old waste is slackened by a disposable truck or a tractor harrow and massive items are recovered with duromech automatic machinery . The old waste is then segregated with duromech machinery and using composting bioculture it is transformed into useful compost . Bio-Mining has various environmental benefits such as preventing seepage of garbage mounds effecting the quality of environment.

    Benefits of Duromech's Bio-Mining

    Traditional mining methods require harsh chemicals, lots of energy and produce many pollutants. In contrast, Duromech Bio-Mining uses less energy and a lot of useful resources are recovered through our technology . Countries are increasingly turning to biomining such as india, Finland, Chile and Uganda. As duromech is the leading company in solving the problem of waste in different parts of india like delhi , Mahbubnagar , chandigarh , tamil nadu , tiruchi etc Duromech will provide you with the best and effective way to segregate and reduce waste.

    Concern Person Details :

    Mr. C.K. Chaudhary

    Manager (Sales & Marketing)


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