construction & demolition waste recycling plants

C&D Waste Recycling

We expertise in manufacturing of machinery that is being used in recycling of Construction & Demolition waste.
The Dry Processing Unit of India's 1st, 2nd & 3rd C&D Waste recycling plant is supplied by us.

Recycled sand and aggregates have a range of uses in a variety of construction applications. By introducing our advanced processing systems for construction, demolition and excavation waste you will :

• Maximise the recycling of construction, demolition and excavation waste
• Maximise the production of high quality, high value recycled sand and aggregates which can be used a replacement for natural materials in a range of construction applications including concrete and asphalt production.
• Ensure the ability to meet growing demand for sand and aggregates from a sustainable source
• Protecting sand and aggregate supply in areas where natural reserves are in decline
• Minimising transport costs for sand and aggregates – recycled materials are typically produced closer to urban centres
• Reduce the carbon footprint of your processing operation by producing recycled sand and aggregates closer to market

It is only through the introduction of a washing plant for your C&D waste that you will maximise material recovery and maximise the removal of the various contaminants that will otherwise restrict the final destination for your recycled sand and aggregate products.

The C&D waste is recycled into aggregates at the waste management facility and in turn converted to Ready Mix Concrete (RMC), pavement blocks, kerb stones, and concrete bricks.

Uses of C&D Waste Recycled Materials

Rapid infrastructural development such as highways, airports etc. and growing demand for housing has led to scarcity & rise in cost of construction materials. Most of waste materials produced by demolished structures are disposed off by dumping them as land fill. Dumping of wastes on land is causing shortage of dumping places in urban areas. Therefore, it is necessary to start recycling and re-use of demolition and concrete waste to save environment, cost, and energy.

Central Pollution Control Board has estimated current quantum of solid waste generation in India to the tune of 48 million tons per annum out of which, waste from construction industry only accounts for more than 25%. Management of such high quantum of waste puts enormous pressure on solid waste management system.

In view of significant role of recycled construction material and technology in the development of urban infrastructure, DUROMECH has conducted a techno-market survey on 'Utilization of Waste from Construction Industry' targeting housing/building and road segment. The total quantum of waste from construction industry is estimated to be 12 to 15 million tons per annum out of which 7-8 million tons are concrete and brick waste. Duromech is the only company in india that is contributing towards recycling .

The following products can be recovered from recycling :

1. Recovery of washed sand for construction
2. Recovery of 2-3 sizes of mixed Aggregates
3. RMC made with recovered material
4. Value-added products like Kerb Stones, Pavement Blocks, Concrete Bricks etc.

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